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Only Fear Dies

A Book of Liberation

Barry Long

160 pages
Barry Long Books
Only Fear Dies is about the real possibility that we can stop being unhappy. This is one of the most radical books by the Australian spiritual master, Barry Long, who vividly describes how unhappiness seizes hold of us from birth, forms our personalities and dominates our history; how it is manipulated by the media and chases us to death and beyond. The root of unhappiness is fear. But through living in a truly spiritual way—or 'dying for life'—we realize that it is only fear that dies. And this realization liberates us from persistent unhappiness. Written years before Eckhart Tolle’s world best-seller 'The Power of Now', Barry Long’s 'book of liberation' covers similar ground and has been hugely influential.
Author Bio
By the end of his life Barry Long was recognised by many thousands of people around the world as a genuine spiritual master. Born in 1926 in Australia, he was in his thirties before he realized there was more to life than worldly success. He was the editor of a Sydney Sunday newspaper—'Truth'—but it wasn't the media’s truth he was interested in. Leaving everything behind Australia, he sought the truth of life, at first alone in the Himalayas and then for ten years in London. He started teaching public meetings in 1982 and year by year more and more people discovered him.