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Where the Spirit Speaks to Its Own

The passion of spiritual awakening

Barry Long

206 pages
Barry Long Books
Where the Spirit Speaks to its Own is subtitled 'The passion of spiritual awakening' and describes Barry Long's own story through the songs and verses he wrote in the early days of his self-realization. His commentary on the poems gives us enough autobiographical detail to place them in context. So we hear about his isolation in the Himalayas, his romance with the 'bhagavati', or divine woman, and the terrors of the disintegrating self. But the real 'inner story' is in the poems themselves. Profound but easy to read, sometimes even amusing, these songs and verses tell how a modern mystic was called to the divine. Their personal quality is revealing and moving. Their impersonal and mystical purpose is truly inspiring.
Author Bio
When the spirit started to enter Barry Long, at the age of 31, he would from time to time express what was happening in songs and verse. This is not unusual in mystical tradition, but as an ordinary man he did not consider himself a poet, or a singer. However as his spiritual journey continued though the following years, he often set down his realizations in poetry - especially after he had opened himself to the mystical love of woman.