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Redeemed From the Pit

Biblical Repentance And Restoration From The Bondage of Eating Disorders

Marie Notcheva

317 pages
Calvary Press
HAVE YOU FALLEN INTO THE PIT? * Up to 3% of ALL adolescents in the United States have symptoms of bulimia. * 5-15% of ALL adult women show the same signs. Are you one (or do you know someone) of the literally thousands who suffer from an eating disorder, most likely bulimia? Do you see yourself as fat and unattractive? Do you feel as though you don't "fit in" and suffer from periods of deep depression? Has binging on food and then purging become a daily part of your routine? HERE IS HOPE! Drawing from her own experiences with the disorder, author Marie Notcheva shows you how to overcome this life-destroying habit. No, not by some contrived "self help" system—but by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ! Notcheva believes that the person suffering from an eating disorder is not a victim of a "disease";it is not something that has befallen them or has been thrust upon them. Rather, the bulimic became so by a series of choices. They chose to feel a certain way about themselves. They chose to start on a path of behavior that leads to a destructive habit. Likewise, those suffering from bulimia can start making correct choices. They can make the choice to believe that their behavior is sin, not a disease. They can believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and that by trusting in the sacrifice of Christ for sinners, they can have new life—and that they can have victory, not only over bulimia, but over the greatest threat of all: eternal destruction. This book may indeed prove to be a "life saver" to many. It will certainly give tremendous hope to all who read it. FORWARD by Martha Peace
Author Bio
Marie Notcheva is a Christian writer and counselor whose passion is pointing other women towards the Great Physician. A student of Jay Adams’ Institute for Nouthetic Studies, she plans to be NANC certified by 2011. Marie’s writing has been published in Christianity Today and Baystate Parent. She and her husband Ivaylo live in Massachusetts and are the parents of four children. She blogs at redeemedfromthepit.blogspot.com/.