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Anger and Stress Management God's Way

Dr. Wayne Mack

120 pages
Calvary Press
What is the biblical and God-glorifying way to handle anger and stress? Anger and stress are perhaps the two most defining aspects of our world today. There are many ways of handling stress and anger. Dr. Wayne Mack, one of the most well-known and trusted Christian counselors of our time, puts his years of experience and Bible knowledge to work for you in this book! In it, he tells you not just how to handle anger but the root causes of anger. By doing this, Dr. Mack helps you better understand why your reactions to stress and its accompanying anger are usually the result of "not getting what we think we need."
Author Bio
Dr. Wayne Mack is a noted teacher, author, counselor, and conference speaker. He was written several well-known books including the modern classics Strenthing Your Marriage and Your Family God's Way. Dr. Mack is a graduate of Wheaton College the Philedelphia Seminary and Westminster Theological Seminary.