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21st Century Corinthians

Joseph M. Bianchi

96 pages
Calvary Press
It's the 21st Century! Where in the world is the Church going? Are the problems in our churches today radically different from those of the Apostle Paul's day? The answer to that question is both yes and no. Using I Corinthians as a guide, author Joseph M. Bianchi shows how church problems of our day closely parallel those of the Corinthian church, at the same time demonstrating how the unique church problems of our time can be solved with a good dose of 1st-century biblical wisdom.
Author Bio
Joseph M. Bianchi spent many years as a journalist and businessman.. His other books include, God Chose to Save, My Friend Grace, and a novel, Unnecessary Noises. He has written on a wide variety of subjects including constitutional law and urban planning.