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British Interior House Styles

An Easy Reference Guide

Trevor Yorke

81 pages
Countryside Books
Here is a compact and easy reference guide, filled with original drawings and diagrams in full colour, which detail the changing uses of space within houses over the centuries. The book shows developments in fashion, decoration, and furniture within different rooms and how these have steadily evolved with the passage of time. The book covers an immense range of interior styles from 1500 to 1960. In addition, there is a glossary of terms and a historical time chart. The book will prove invaluable to those who visit period homes and, at the same time, will give useful pointers to those planning to restore their own home in a particular period style.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke is a full-time artist and designer. His other books in this series include British Archtectural Styles- An Esay Reference Guide, Art Deco House Styles, Arts & Crafts House Styles.