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Unafraid of the Sacred Forest

The Birth of a Church in an African Tribe

Ronaldo Lidorio

128 pages
Christian Focus Publications

Ghana is considered one of the success stories of West Africa. Its government is relatively stable and the widespread use of English, as part of its colonial heritage, gives it easier access to the world at large. If Ronaldo and Rossana Lidorio were expecting a lightly Westernised African state when they went to the north of Ghana as missionaries such preconceptions were soon dispelled. They came up against formidable cultural and language barriers, illiteracy and human sacrifice. Where would you start if you entered a society where there are only 6 days to the week and no such thing as a year (and consequently no birthdays)? Where polygamy is a virtue and sisters are regularly swapped? Where the most powerful person in the village is not the tribal chief but the Witch Doctors, who have practiced their art for thousands of years? One of the themes, as you read this exciting story of modern missionary endeavour, is the counter-cultural one of ?sacrifice'. Ronald and Rossana worked on the foundations of others who prepared the way and alongside similarly committed people. 17 churches have now been planted in this previously un-reached area and 81 church leaders trained. The Konkomba tribes are now sending their own evangelists into other areas to bring the Good News of Christ to more people.

Author Bio
Ronaldo & Rossana Lidorio are Brazilians who were missionaries in Northern Ghana for many years. Continuing their work amongst unreached nations.