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God's New Community

New Testament Patterns For Today's Church

Graham Beynon

144 pages
SPCK Group

When someone uses the word 'church', what comes into your mind
- A building where a congregation meets
- A room inside such a building
- The main Sunday meeting
- A denomination?

Graham Beynon shows that when the Bible talks about 'church', it is always only referring to people, and a particular sort of people at that. From a range of key passages in the New Testament, he explains what church is, what it is for, how it is to work, how it is to be led, and what it means to belong to God's new community in Christ.
Many Christians are hard-pushed to give good answers to these questions. This clear, simple, biblical and practical guide will deepen your understanding and enrich your experience of church. Few things could be more important for Christians than that.'