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Art Class: The Complete Book of Drawing Nature

How to Create Your Own Artwork

Barrington Barber

256 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

The ultimate guide to nature drawing.

Features straightforward text complemented by step-by-step illustrations.

Author Bio
Barrington Barber was educated at Hampton Grammar School and later Twickenham Art School for which he received a National Diploma of Design. He then practised as an illustrator (Saxon Artist) and Graphic Designer, was Art Director at Ogilvie & Mather and S.H. Bensons, and was a lecturer in Graphic Design at Ealing Art School. Other credits include freelance work, designer, illustrator, animator and painter at Augustine Studios. He was awarded a one man exhibition in 2000 at St. Oswald Studios, and also exhibited in Putney in 2003 and Cork Street in 2004. He was Head of Art at St James's Independent Schools. He now paints, draws, writes about art, and enjoys sports, walking, philosophy and meditation.