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A Degree in a Book: Electrical And Mechanical Engineering

Everything You Need to Know to Master the Subject - in One Book!

David Baker

256 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

A concise introduction to all the key tenets of electrical and mechanical engineering degree course, written by former NASA engineer Dr David Baker.

A Degree in a Book: Electrical and Mechanical Engineering is presented in an attractive landscape format in full-color. With flow charts, infographics, timelines, feature spreads and information boxes, this highly visual guide will help readers quickly get to grips with the fundamentals of electrical and mechanical engineering and their practical applications.

Covering Newtonian mechanics, nuclear engineering, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and more, this essential guide brings clarity to complex ideas. David Baker delves into the history and development of this far-reaching subject as well as the challenges of the future such as environmental responsibility.

Complete with a useful glossary of key terms, this holistic introduction will equip students and laypeople alike with the knowledge of an engineering graduate.

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Author Bio
Dr David Baker was an engineer at NASA from 1965 to 1990. He worked on the Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle programmes and was at Mission Control during the fateful Apollo 13 mission. He has written more than 100 books on engineering, space flight, aviation and military technology. David is a fellow of the British Interplanetary Society and editor of the monthly Spaceflight magazine.