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Adventure Stories for Daring Girls

Khoa Le Samantha Newman

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Each story is the perfect length for a bedtime story.

Children will love the beautiful, colorful illustrations.

The Inspiring Heroines series has sold over 100k copies worldwide!

Author Bio

Samantha Newman is a children's fiction author with a talent for humor and a flair for the fantastic. She has adapted folk tales from around the world; brought Shakespeare to a modern audience; and remixed fairy tales. She lives in London, with her fiancé, and during her infrequent desk breaks, she enjoys yoga, cooking, and befriending the birds in the park.

Based in Vietnam, Khoa Le is the author and illustrator of numerous picture books. She has worked with many top publishers, including Hachette and Usbourne and in 2020 she won best illustrator for the Northern Lights Book Awards. Khoa also works as a graphic designer and painter and has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in different Asian countries.