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100 Great Artists

A Visual Journey from Fra Angelico to Andy Warhol

Charlotte Gerlings

208 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

April 2020 marks 500 years since Raphael's death, who is featured in this book.

This book showcases, in full color, the works of one hundred painters who represent eight centuries of the European tradition: from Giotto in the 13th century to Hockney in the 21st.

Arranged alphabetically for easy reference, each artist occupies a double-page spread that contains a selection of pictures, accessible text and a biographical timeline.

The secrets of the masterpieces revealed: does Van Eyck's Arnolfini Marriage portray a secret sadness? What political purpose did Rubens' fat, rosy models serve? And did Seurat's pointillist experiment really work?

Author Bio
Charlotte Gerlings was born in Reading, Berkshire. She graduated in Publishing from Oxford Polytechnic (now Oxford Brookes University) and since then has worked as a book designer, writer and editor. She lives in South West London and is currently studying at Wimbledon School of Art for her MA in Fine Art.