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Beautiful Birds Coloring Book

John James Audubon Peter Gray

96 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Natural history illustration is a popular choice for artists and perfect for developing color technique.

The perfect gift for bird-lovers and budding artists alike.

45 color reference images are shown alongside clear line drawings ready for the addition of color.

Includes garden favorites such as wrens and woodpeckers, to more rarely glimpsed birds like owls and the jewel-like kingfisher.

The color illustrations are from the ornithological classics 'The Birds of Europe' and John James Audubon's world-famous 'Birds of America'.

Author Bio

Peter Gray is long established as an illustrator of books, magazines and newspapers with occasional forays into such fields as film storyboards and costume design, advertising and animation projects. He has written for publishers including Penguin, Longman and OUP.

John James Audubon (1785-1851) was born in Haiti and raised in France, emigrating to North America when he was 18 years old to avoid conscription into the Napoleonic wars. For many years he worked as a trading merchant, before turning to his true passion: ornithology. Audubon spent many years traveling the North American continent, identifying and recording bird species. The Birds of America was an immediate success, with Audubon becoming a household name in the nineteenth century. It is still considered to be one of the greatest works of ornithology ever created.