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Feather the Fairy

32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Feather the Fairy has started school and is thriving, until Feather’s smile falters and she withdraws from her friends. When her kind teacher Miss Grace pulls her aside to ask her what’s wrong, Feather bursts out that reading and writing is too hard. Then she flies off! Can Miss Grace help Feather discover her strengths to reignite her love for school?
Author Bio
Alison Ireson =============

Alison Ireson believes that imagination will get you everywhere. She also believes that books, lasagne, board games and the odd waterfall will make the journey far more enjoyable. Alison lives on an isolated, wild patch of property in Far North Queensland with her husband and two daughters. This seclusion is probably lucky as she never lets the minor detail of her voice sounding like a wailing banshee stop her from singing at random times throughout the day!

Isabella Misso Branca =====================

Isabella Misso Branca was born in Milan, Italy. Fascinated with art since childhood, Isabella studied at Liceo Artistico and the European Institute of Design, Milan. Isabella has written and illustrated books for many prominent worldwide publishers, often using her favourite medium – watercolour! A prize winning and respected artist, Isabella has recently been collaborating with schools and libraries, curating laboratories of reading, writing and illustration.