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John Stott on Creation Care

R. J. (Sam) Berry Laura Yoder

344 pages
SPCK Group

Discover John Stott’s writings on creation care, brought together for the first time in this definitive collection for the global church. Compiled by R. J. Sam Berry and Laura Yoder, this brilliant anthology demonstrates both Stott's passion for the environment and its place in Christian discipleship.

Showcasing his unique way of explaining the Bible simply and clearly, John Stott on Creation Care traces Stott’s own process of coming to embrace creation care as a vital part of the Christian life – and in turn shows us how it must have an integral place in our own discipleship.

Commentary by noted scientist R. J. (Sam) Berry connects Stott’s writings together and illuminates how his wisdom still speaks to us today. Alongside reflections from others that Stott inspired and discipled, John Stott on Creation Care is the perfect resource for every Christian looking to understand biblical teaching on the environment and how creation care should form part of their discipleship. It is also an ideal biblical and theological resource for those involved in creation care ministry.

Published as part of the John Stott Centenary celebrations, proceeds from John Stott on Creation Care will go to A Rocha International, a charity that carries community-based conservation projects in response to biodiversity loss around the world.

John Stott viewed creation care as an inevitable implication of the biblical message, and as a grounding for Christian engagement in environmental commitments. This collection will give you a deeper, more thorough understanding of his writings and how his views developed, and will leave you motivated and inspired to look again at your discipleship and how you approach creation care.

Author Bio

Robert James ‘Sam’ Berry (1934-2018) was an eminent British biologist and Christian theorist. He was Professor Emeritus of Genetics, University College London. He was president of the Linnean Society, the British Ecological Society, the European Ecological Federation, and Christians in Science. He served on the A Rocha Council of Reference alongside John Stott, as well as on the Advisory Board of the Faraday Institute, and was a founder and Board member of the John Ray Initiative. He received Marsh and UK Templeton awards for his Glasgow Gifford Lectures.

Laura S. Meitzner Yoder is the John Stott Endowed Chair and Director of the Human Needs and Global Resources Program, and Professor of Environmental Studies, at Wheaton College, Illinois. Her work intersects with various missiological and environmental networks, including Micah Global, INFEMIT, ECHO Inc., and Tearfund (UK and USA).