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The Dictionary of Mythology

An A–Z of themes, legends and heroes

J. A. Coleman

384 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

It will appeal to all general knowledge and crossword enthusiasts and those who enjoy complete reference libraries.

Everyone is attracted to myths, from the fairy tales of our childhood to the Greek and Roman gods.

This is a fabulous, well-written and exhaustively researched book that really expands the topic. Features a wonderful cover and an easy-to-use, attractive inside design.

This beautifully illustrated reference book, presented in a handsome slip-case, will make the perfect gift or collectors item for a mythology enthusiast.

Author Bio
After a career as a professional soldier, engineer and surveyor, J. A. Coleman retired in 1986 and devoted his time to 'playing with words'. He was the author of a variety of books, including The Complete Guide to Cryptic Crosswords, The Beginner's Guide to Crosswords, Crossword Dictionary and Wordmaster Dictionary.