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101 Awesome Women Who Transformed Science

Claire Philip Isabel Muñoz

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Featuring inspiring STEM heroes from countries and cultures across the world and honouring the contributions they've made.

Includes well-known, famous women scientists and ones who are less recognised but no less remarkable.

Each biography features anecdotes, facts, quotations, and a list of each woman's notable achievements.

Perfect resource for STEM learning.

Illustrated in a charming, exciting way by Isabel Muñoz.

Author Bio

Claire Philip is an experienced children's editor and writer based in the Essex countryside. She loves writing young fact and fiction books to ignite a sense of wonder in children, and has worked on hundreds of titles over the last ten years. Her favorite topics are the natural world, science, history - and even unicorns.

Painting was Isabel Muñoz's favorite game as a child and, as she grew, became her favorite hobby. When the time came it was only natural for Isabel to go on to study Fine Arts at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain. Isabel's shelves have always been filled with beautifully illustrated books, and she loves to spend many hours carefully studying their magic. Today, after a lot of hard work and lots of full sketchbooks, Isabel is proud to call Illustration her dream job.