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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating

Set yourself free from binge-eating and comfort-eating

Allen Carr John Dicey

256 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Looks at the root cause of why we eat the wrong things and eliminates the fears that keep you hooked into a bad diet.

Sugar and carb consumption is an addiction that begins at birth, but once you free yourself with Easyway, you'll enjoy better health, higher levels of energy, dramatically improved body shape and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

This book changes your relationship with food.

No more comfort eating.

Word count: 50,000 (est).

Author Bio

Allen Carr was a chain-smoker for over 30 years. After repeated failed attempts to stop smoking, he went from 100 cigarettes a day to zero without suffering withdrawal pangs, without using willpower and without putting on weight. The phenomenon that is Allen Carr's Easyway method had been born, and it led to Allen's recognition as the world's leading expert on stopping smoking.

John Dicey
is Global CEO and Managing Director of Allen Carr's Easyway. John worked closely with Allen Carr and is now responsible for ensuring that all books, services and other products remain faithful to Allen Carr's original vision for the method.