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The Federalist Papers, The Ideas that Forged the American Constitution

Deluxe Slipcase Edition

James Madison Alexander Hamilton John Jay

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
Thomas Jefferson called The Federalist Papers 'the best commentary on the principles of government which has ever been written'. This book features edited highlights of the essays which persuaded American voters to back the Constitution and thus enabled power-sharing between the State and Federal authorities which has stood the United States of America in good stead ever since.
Author Bio

R.B. Bernstein (editor) is a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law, New York Law School, Lecturer in Political Science, Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, City College of New York and author of Thomas Jefferson and The Founding Fathers Reconsidered (both for Oxford University Press).

Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804) was an American statesman, politician and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was a trusted member of President Washington's first cabinet and played a key role in defending and ratifying the U.S. Constitution.

James Madison (1751-1836) was Americas fourth president, serving in office from 1809 to 1817. He wrote the first drafts of the U.S. Constitution and established the Democrat Republican Party alongside Thomas Jefferson.

John Jay (1745-1829) was a Founding Father and Abolitionist. He helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris of 1783, which ended the American Revolution and won British recognition of American independence.