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CE: Mark's Gospel (ESV)

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Mark the Apostle

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Pack of 20

Mark starts his biography of Jesus with the startling claim that Jesus is the Son of God. What unfolds is a compelling account of a remarkable life that seems to back up that claim at every point. Mark asks us three big questions:
1. Who is Jesus
2. Why did he come?
3. What does he call us to do?

He tells us that our answers to those questions are, literally, a matter of life and death.

This ESV edition of The Gospel of Mark contains an introduction, conclusion and other aids to helping you understand the meaning and relevance of Jesus for you today.

Author Bio
A native of Jerusalem, Mark was the son of Mary, a Christian of wealth and position. He served at Antioch with Barnabas and Paul but separated from Paul, travelling with Barnabas to Cyprus. He was imprisoned with Paul in Rome for a time and also carried out some missionary journeys to Asia Minor with Timothy. Venerators will be prosecuted.