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Psychic Animals

Superstition, Science and Extraordinary Tales

Michelle Waitzman

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
This book explores various types of incredible animal phenomena alongside anecdotal stories. All of the phenomena are backed up by scientific research on the subject with fascinating facts from trials and experiments. Also features heart-warming stories, legends, and customs and takes a look at how different countries view animal stories. The chapters cover “psi-trailing” and homing instincts; animals with incredible powers of empathy and understanding; animals who can detect undiagnosed tumors and cancers in humans; animals who rescue humans from danger; animals who work as guide dogs, sniffer dogs, sheep dogs, and PAT dogs; animals who can “predict” the future; animals in service in wartime; and pets that stay true to their owners beyond the grave.
Author Bio
Michelle Waitzman is a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader based in Toronto, Canada. She worked in TV production for many years before beginning her career as a writer and editor. Michelle has written for a number of magazines and has published two additional books: Sex in a Tent and Moon Living Abroad in New Zealand.