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The Life Manual

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a Stress-free Home and Life

Wendy Hobson

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
The ultimate handbook is a comprehensive collection of practical tips and indispensable advice on everything you need to make life simpler, easier and more enjoyable. Covering de-cluttering, conservation and recycling, diet, laundry, gardening, DIY techniques, tips for mindfulness and happiness and money saving ideas, there is so much tried and tested knowledge to benefit every facet of your life. All the information is presented in a concise, easy-to-follow format and it even includes handy conversion tables and anecdotal titbits, which make a useful reference when on the go.
Author Bio
Wendy worked at Macmillan Education then Oxford University Press and Purnell Books. When licensed character publishing was in its infancy, she worked on accounts such as Walt Disney, Dangermouse- Subsequently she had some of her own children's stories published;and four books about Bertie Bassett. As well as the children's books, her writing credits include Simply Feng Shui, Silver Surfers' Colour Guide to Word Processing, Classic 1000 Recipes, Classic 1000 Cake and Bake Recipes, First Years, Starting School, Ladies' Flower Garden and The Kitchen Companion.