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Artificial Intelligence

The Quest for the Ultimate Thinking Machine

Richard Urwin

192 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What can it do and how is it created? In this highly accessible guide to the subject, Richard Urwin bases his assessment of AI on the definition of AI as a tool that is 'constructed to aid or substitute for human thought'. He explains how AI came about, the importance of the development of the computer and then examines how AI has developed over the years through the construction of computer programs and how the language used to construct these programs has become more and more sophisticated, thus allowing AI to become better and better. Along the way, you will discover numerous intriguing examples of how scientists have progressed the development of AI, learn about Fuzzy Logic and the ups and downs of computer programming, as well as finding out how research into brain function is continually influencing the field of AI. By turns fascinating and scary, Artificial Intelligence will take the reader on an amazing journey that covers everything from the habits of ants to the world of the stock market.
Author Bio

Richard Urwin has been a software engineer for more than 40 years, specializing in embedded control systems. He wrote his first artificial intelligence program in 1975 and has retained an interest in the field ever since. This is his first published work.