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Becoming Like God's Son

Derek Tidball

80 pages
SPCK Group

The unsurprising secret to resembling our ideal models is to have as close a relationship with them as possible. We grow to be like our heroes by listening to them and watching them as much as we can.

Becoming like Jesus is no different. It requires us not just to meet him occasionally but also steadily and surely to remain in him.

How does this look close up?

In a world where Christlikeness is counter-cultural, the author offers sure-footed Bible teaching, questions, illustrations, suggestions and prayers to point us in the right direction. And, as well as this useful material, we have the Holy Spirit's help to live transformed lives today.

A practical, thought-provoking and accessible resource to help us live 'transformed' lives.

Author Bio
Derek Tidball is a much-loved Bible teacher in the UK and beyond. He was Principal of the London School of Theology for 12 years, has served as a pastor in two churches, and has written numerous books. He lives with his wife Dianne, also a pastor, in Leicester, UK.