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Brand Management in Digital and Sustainable Times

273 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Brand Management in Digital and Sustainable Times is a book intended to serve as a reference guide for undergraduates, graduates, as well as professionals aiming to understand and overcome the challenges of brand management. Brands have various applications for companies, goods, and individuals. Nowadays, every customer is a publisher and has a brand to promote goods through social media platforms. Companies should leverage this aspect as maintaining the brand’s reputation is essential. When a company decides on a brand to represent itself in the public eye, it must first establish its identity or how it wants to be perceived. The book presents seven carefully written chapters. Chapter one presents an introduction to brand management. A holistic approach to branding is presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 discusses product placement and brand integration. Chapter 4 covers brand identity, a critical requirement for any company to progress. Chapter 5 focuses on retail management, providing an overview of the visual merchandising concept, and focusing on customer relationship management (CRM), brand management, and sales management. Chapter 6 concentrates on digital branding and marketing. The final chapter, Chapter 7, explores the fundamental concepts, challenges, and issues of contemporary sustainable brand management in light of the concept’s multidisciplinary aspects. With these seven chapters, readers are expected to have a comprehensive introduction to brand management in the current marketing environment. A list of references is presented in each chapter to support the reader with additional literature on the subject.
Author Bio
João Heitor de Avila Santos is Ph.D. in Management Sciences. His work focus on project and business development on a global scale. Former higher education professor, with solid experience in consulting for companies, startups, and public organizations in EU, SA, NA, Middle-East, and SEA. He has published several papers and books in the field of Consumer Behavior, Innovation and Management of Technology. The main topics covered by his research are: Innovation, knowledge management, digitization/digitalization, scaleup companies, organizational learning, change management, innovation capabilities, sustainability, marketing and decision-making processes.