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Quantum Optics Applications

Nelson Bolivar

242 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Quantum Optics offers a very wide coverage of fundamental phenomena encompassing quantum mechanics and physical optics. Quantum optics allows the engineers and scientists to perform research in laser physics and quantum optics. This book covers various topics including electromagnetic field quantization, quantum coherence theory, models of atom-field interaction, resonance fluorescence, laser theory and input-output theory (application in non-linear optics). The purpose of this book is to offer various exciting advances in the field of quantum optics. Presently, quantum optics is being applied in many applications which involve electronics, climate control, space science, medical science and industrial sectors. This book put emphasis on basic concepts and applications of quantum optics and its associated fields, so as to facilitate the students and researchers to perform their research in this amazing field. The topics of this books are offered in a didactic and unified manner. The book exhibits a pedagogical and clear demonstration of topics. It successfully stabilizes the theoretical and quantum aspects of quantum optics with modern relevant experiments. The book is equally useful for students, scientist, teachers and industrialists from various backgrounds including quantum mechanics, optical physics, electromagnetism and many multidisciplinary fields.
Author Bio
Nelson Bolivar is currently a Physics Professor in the Physics Department at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where he has been teaching since 2007. His interests include quantum field theory applied in condensed matter. He obtained his PhD in physics from the Universite de Lorraine (France) in 2014 in a joint PhD with the Universidad Central de Venezuela. His BSc in physics is from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.