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Analytical Techniques for Food Biopreservation

Abeer Iqbal

254 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The book “Analytical Techniques for Food Biopreservation” is a detailed handbook about the various food-preservation techniques that are based on the use of antimicrobial compounds and natural metabolites for the preservation of various food products. It reflects on various innovations in the use of biopreservation techniques in the food industry that have proven to be environmentally friendly as compared to the conventional techniques and produce food that has an extend shelf life, as well as better sensory and nutritional content.
Author Bio
Abeer Iqbal majors in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from University of The Punjab, Pakistan. She is a professional health-care writer and have experience of working with various life-sciences blogs. She has an international publication of her research related to microbiology. She is passionate about writing and research related to Biological Sciences. She feels that Genetics and Biochemistry are the real essence of life and learning and unraveling new researches in these areas is really amazing!