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Production Technology of Fruit Crops

Mohan Balasaheb Patil

242 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Most countries have a variety of climates and soils to grow horticultural crops, providing sufficient opportunities for the expansion of the fruit sector, however the biggest challenge presently is to produce enough fruits to meet the needs of the growing population. This volume discusses the technologies applied for effective use of resources in order to obtain higher yield per investment unit with high-quality yields in a short time. In today's open economy era; in the domestic and international markets, quality fruit products are becoming more and more necessary to remain competitive. This is only possible through the deployment of high-tech applications and precision farming methods. Fruits are important to people and also play a crucial role in religious customs, mythology and artwork. They are not just delicious, but also contain many nutrients vital for human health. Fruit production needs a lot of scientific knowledge and basic understanding to be successful. The volume compiles various topics in fruit production technology, such as layout and planting, different cultural customs, development and reproductive traits of fruit crops, and infertility. Some of the topics discussed include chapter 1: introduction to fruit crop production, chapter 2: classification of fruits, chapter 3: importance of fruit production, and chapter 4: planting systems and transplanting of fruit trees among others. The volume is useful to growers, nursery keepers, farmers, teachers, researchers, extension workers, and anyone who wants to be familiar with fruit farming technology.
Author Bio
Dr Mohan Balasaheb Patil is presently working as Professor and In charge of fruit research station Aurangabad. He did his Bsc Agri. from Marathwada Agril. University Parbhani in 1986. Msc (Ag) Horti. In 1988 while, Ph. D in 2004 from the same university. He has started his carrier in 1994 as Asistant Prof. promoted as Associat Prof. in 2007 & Professor in2017. He has established the Sweet Orange Research Station at Badnapur. Published 25 research papers in national and international journals. Published more than 100 popular articles. He reeived Agrocare Award for the best extension activities. He has authored and published two books.