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Front Office Systems and Procedures

Elpedia Marte-Lago

240 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The front office is the “nerve center” of the hotel as it is the key source of information pertaining to guest services. It serves as the main channel of communication and information dissemination for the hotel and is the core point of the hotel department’s business activities. The way the front office operates has become a yardstick by which the organization measured. The book is packed with comprehensive knowledge of front office systems and procedures. Readers will understand operating and procedure of guest safety and security in the hotel, various licenses required for hotel business, and get acquainted with prevailing laws pertaining to hotel operations as well as how front office operations can be computerized, and much more.
Author Bio
Dr. Dia Lago has over 20 years of experience in teaching the tourism and hospitality industry. She has worked in College of San Benildo –Rizal, Antipolo City as Program Chair of BS Tourism management course. She is currently teaching hospitality sales, operations, and transportation marketing and tourism research. Having lived in Rizal province, Dr. Dia has a distinct perspective of tourism product development — from extreme destinations with little exposure to very busy and popular experiences striving to differentiate themselves. Dr. Dia has been honoured to serve on many tourism-oriented boards and advisory groups, including community, regional, and provincial organizations. She has written two books in the Philippines for hospitality management course. Deeply motivated to learn and challenge herself, Dr. Dia recently decided to formalize her experience by working toward her Master of Business Administration in Leadership at Oral Roberts University, which has been a wonderful journey.