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Wine and Beer Tourism

Margaret Ann MacLean

252 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Wine and beer tourism have in recent times become popular niche segments of culinary tourism and are often the prime motivators for tourists to explore new countries and regions. This book explores how the emergence of these segments impact on the overall development of tourism in a region. Market-driven innovation, unique experiences, and diversification offer opportunities for local communities, and the development of partnerships with established hospitality and tourism businesses. The emerging role of social media is discussed along with other trends, supply considerations, sustainability, marketing and management challenges and opportunities for growth. This book is ideal for wine and beer enthusiasts, students, practitioners, researchers and entrepreneurs.
Author Bio
Ann is a Hospitality and Tourism Specialist with more than 35 years of experience in international hotel management including multi-site operations. She has worked in Australia, the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom and holds a Master of Business Administration awarded from the University of South Australia.