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Business Dynamics in the 21st Century

Joao Heitor De Avila Santos

291 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Globalization and the easy access to information shifted the business dynamics in the 21st century. Global competition increases rapidly and firms must keep pace with changing environments, constantly adapting and implementing new methods, strategies and innovations. This book is timely, as it as it offers fresh insights into the new challenges in terms of efficiency and quality improvement, networking and logistics in the globalized world. It also addresses the current developments in the operational and financial system of private enterprises. Finally, the need for managers and leaders and efficiently responds to fluctuating business environment is highlighted and insights are provided to contribute to the ability of managers to make quick and accurate decisions within the supplier network, to obtain the competitive advantage by leveraging of manufacturers.
Author Bio
Joao Heitor De Avila Santos is Ph.D. in Management Sciences. He has solid experience in teaching and consulting in the field of innovation. He is also a reviewer of The British Academy of Management and Brazilian Administration Review (BAR) and has published several papers in the field of Innovation and Management of Technology in journals such as International Journal of Innovation. His main areas of research are Cooperation, Innovation, Interorganizational Networks, Individualism and Collectivism, Organizational Learning, Capabilities, Sustainability, Quantitative Methods, Modeling, Decision Making, Organizational Behavior, Consumer Behavior.