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New Age Analytics

Alvin Albuero De Luna

268 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Analytics has grabbed a lot of attention as of late in the fields of marketing, business intelligence, projections, and strategizing things. The role of analytics has been realized by many firms across the world and hence, it is now one of the most demanded skills in the business domains. As the digital age and the demand for data is rising, the role of analytics is assuming even more importance. The manner in which it returns the results and outcomes of the various analyses performed to aid the growth of businesses, has been acknowledged across domains. ‘New Age Analytics’ makes the readers aware about the various ways in which the analytics work in the present age and time.
Author Bio
Alvin Albuero De Luna is an instructor at a Premier University in the Province of Laguna, Philippines - the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU). He finished his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at STI College and took his Master of Science in Information Technology at LSPU. He isnhandling Programming Languages, Cyber Security, Discrete Mathematics, CAD, and other Computer related courses under the College of Computer Studies