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Introduction to Various Alphabet Systems: International contexts and methods

Prafull Dhondopant Kulkarni

230 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book explores a range of alphabet systems. Although this book attempts to have as wide as possible coverage, the reality is that it only touches a proportion of the available language systems. The book considers the distinctions between different types of alphabet systems and syllabaries. Additionally, the book highlights the cultural significance of particular language elements which are often overlooked when studying linguistics. Readers are exposed to the multicultural facets of language and language systems across the globe.
Author Bio
Dr. Prafull D. Kulkarni is an experienced professor of English, a recognized research supervisor, and an author of international repute. He has to his credit over fifteen books as an author, five volumes as Editor, over ten international papers, and nine research projects on various themes of English language, literature, drama, culture, and folklore. Besides teaching literature courses for the past twenty-six years in the public universities of India and Africa, he supervises Ph.D. and M.Phil. scholars in a public university in India. Additionally, he contributes his literary and educational ideas and book reviews online through his personal website and blog.