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Introduction to Industrial Psychology: Working in diverse organizations

Aparna Raghvan

241 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book discusses ethical principles, legal standards, case law, management and administration matters related to workplace behavior. It further examines the origins of organizational psychology and studies its application in the workplace. The author studies behaviors within the workplace setting, involving organizational models, staff dynamics, groups, and processes, theoretical models and development, work as well as task assignment evaluation, and personal evaluation. The book addresses various aspects of human behavior and attitude, and relates them to roles and productivity in the work environment. It touches on how management and employees reason, feel, act, and intermingle within the office, and uses this awareness to provide solutions for common problems that arise in the job place.
Author Bio
Aparna, a consult psychologist, holds her degree in Masters of Philosophy in Psychology. She is a certified art therapist. Aparna Raghavan has completed her M.Sc Counseling Psychology and M.Phil Applied Psychology from University of Madras, India. She's has published more than 10 papers in eminent journals and is also a trained special educator.