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Future trends in the hospitality and tourism marketing and management

Merly Fiscal Arjona

262 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Future Trends In The Hospitality And Tourism Marketing And Management, is a book that takes the readers through the various trends that the experts expect to be there in the hospitality industry in the upcoming future and also informs them about the various ways in which these trends can be managed to provide better results. It states the ways in which these trends will impact the tourism industry and how the professionals can study them to utilize them to their best interests and profits.
Author Bio
Merly Fiscal-Arjona, MAT, Ph.D., Associate Professor IV of Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siniloan,Campus, Siniloan Laguna, Philippines. She graduated from the Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siniloan, Campus, with the Degree of Master of Arts in Teaching, Major in Technology and Home Economics. She took her Doctor of Philosophy Major in School Leadership and Management in St. Dominic Savio College, Caloocan, City. Her professional experience includes an assessor in different Hotel and Restaurant Competency in TESDA. She was also the former Dean of the College of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Siniloan Campus, Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines. She is an active member of Association of Administrators in Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Management Educational Institution (AAHRMEI) and many more. She has attended seminars and trainings in Hotel and Restaurant Management and member of several professional organizations, At present, her greatest joy at the moment is to share her knowledge, expertise and give prestige to her students.