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Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

Umaiyal Munusamy

261 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book contains 10 chapters and each chapter carries topics related to Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB). Chapter 1, mainly describes the basic information of the whole content of plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB). In chapter 2, the author has collected the sources of PGPB that available in the natural resources or those bacteria that were already cultivated in the laboratory. In addition, in chapter 3, the author had delineated in detail about the traits that were present in most of the PGPB. Furthermore, in chapter 4, the author has described in detail how the trait that was presented in those PGPB were used in the mechanism of PGPB when it is interconnected with the plants. The author also has shown various types of production systems that can be used to cultivate the natural plant growth-promoting bacteria in chapter 5. Through this system, more and wider application or delivery of PGPB that can be carried out in the natural environment is well described in the chapter 6. The author also defined numerous types of concerns that may arise from the application of PGPB and specific policy that closely related to PGPB in chapter 7 and 8, respectively. Prior to the chapter 10 which conclude the whole content, the author has listed out in chapter 9 the success of PGPB research. The author hope that all readers will gain detailed information about PGPB through reading and referencing this book.
Author Bio
Umaiyal Munusamy is a Plant Scientist by profession, a writer and a science communicator by passion. She writes and works in the area of plant science. Umaiyal has spent many years of writing in journals, proceedings, books, book chapters, online articles and scientific display at science-art gallery. Umaiyal is an affiliate member of Young Scientist Network under Academy Science Malaysia (YSN-ASM). Umaiyal was listed as a Future Leaders from 100 countries by the Global Solutions of World Summit Forum for her contribution in creating awareness on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She has received numbers of awards in research, academic and science communication. She has trained various professionals to write and communicate scientific concept with a range of audience with a tagline all scientist can communicate and writes beyond their borders.