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Security of Cloud-based systems

Jovan Pehcevski

Arcler Education Inc
This edition covers different topics from security of cloud-based systems, including: threats detection in cloud environments, frameworks for cloud security, enhancing the security in the cloud systems, and the case studies. Section 1 focuses on threats detection in cloud environments, describing analysis of security threats to virtual machines monitor in cloud computing environment; a review of anomaly detection systems in cloud networks and survey of cloud security measures in cloud storage applications; a survey of cloud computing detection techniques against DDoS attacks; and generation of labelled datasets to quantify the impact of security threats to cloud data centers. Section 2 focuses on frameworks for cloud security, describing a comprehensive security framework of cloud data storage based on multi agent system architecture; control framework for secure cloud computing; security model for preserving privacy over encrypted cloud computing; trusted heartbeat framework for cloud computing; and education technology cloud platform framework establishment and security. Section 3 focuses on enhancing the security in the cloud systems, describing design and development of a novel symmetric algorithm for enhancing data security in cloud computing; enhancing mobile cloud computing security using steganography; data security of mobile cloud computing on cloud server; new proposed robust, scalable and secure network cloud computing storage architecture; and survey on public key cryptography scheme for securing data in cloud computing. Section 4 focuses on case studies, describing cloud security: services, risks, and a case study on amazon cloud services; quick survey on cloud computing and associated security, mobility and IoT issues; block level data integrity assurance using matrix dialing method towards high performance data security on cloud storage; current status of the use of cloud computing in SME-s in the city of Latacunga, Ecuador.
Author Bio
Jovan obtained his PhD in Computer Science from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia in 2007. His research interests include big data, business intelligence and predictive analytics, data and information science, information retrieval, XML, web services and service-oriented architectures, and relational and NoSQL database systems. He has published over 30 journal and conference papers and he also serves as a journal and conference reviewer. He is currently working as a Dean and Associate Professor at European University in Skopje, Macedonia.