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Communication in Everyday Life

Seyed Ali Fallahchay

Arcler Education Inc
Communication is a very important part of our lives and is an indispensable part too. It is extremely important thing to reach out to others and share ideas etc. The book ‘Communication in Everyday Life’ covers the various ways in which we communicate among ourselves in our daily lives and the tools we use to do so. It enlists various benefits of the various kinds of communications and the different challenges that may arise in them as we move from one technology to another.
Author Bio
Dr. Seyed Ali Fallahchay completed his PhD. in Business Management from De La Salle Araneta University, Philippines as well as his Masters in Business Administration in Philippines. He received his bachelor from Islamic Azad University, Iran and became licensed Engineer in 2010. Dr. Seyed Ali Fallahchay currently a professor in Business Administration at Raffles and Design Institute at Jakarta Indonesia. He is also a professor at University of Mansford, California, US. Prior to his current position in academe, he also teaches in different institution in the Philippines. He also became a Senior Program head in Business Administration as well as Research Director. He also became a professor in graduate programs and teaches several business subjects. And he also develops several course materials for graduate programs such as: Production and Operation Management, Quantitative Methods in Business, Methods of Research and Managerial Economics. He was also engaged in the industry and became a successful entrepreneur. He also authored the following books: The Economics of Innovation and Modern Scientific Communication.