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Entrepreneurship In Developing And Emerging Economies

Maleehah Gull

Arcler Education Inc
The world is combining socially, strategically and financially. Subsequently, globalization could be characterized dependent on social, political and financial intrigue exemplified monetarily as access to new markets, decrease in exchange rules and guidelines and the nearness of exchange rivalry. Emerging economies are appealing ventures since they will in general become quickly bringing about better yields for the financial specialist. This book sheds light on the macro-level entrepreneurship in emerging economies. The technological aspects of digital world which has greatly contributed to the emerging economies are also outlined. Presenting, opportunities for the new and old entrepreneurs, current title has covered the geographical aspect mainly to focus on the countries having developing and emerging economies.
Author Bio
Maleehah Gull obtained her Masters in Business Administration in Management Information System and Master of Science Degree in Project Management from University of Malaya. She served as lecturer for two years and Currently, pursuing her PhD in Management Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.