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Income Disparity: A Global perspective

P.M. Ananth

Arcler Education Inc
There are many disparities among the people around the world. The disparities cannot be quantified in any way. However, one major factor on which the disparities exist is that of income of the people. The book ‘Income Disparity: A Global perspective’ explains the readers the manner in which the income of the people creates disparities among them and what are the outcomes of such disparities. The book also explains the causes of such income disparities and suggests ways in which the gap can be bridged in the long term while also quoting the challenges that may arise while doing so.
Author Bio
PM Ananth is a commerce graduate and excelled as an MBA graduate with a specialization in Marketing. He was an aggressive blogger during college days with interests with varied topics propelled his passion for writing. In a bid to create something original, he developed an interest in writing and composing instrumental pieces for independent bands. After a brief stint in the banking field, he began his career fulltime in writing as a freelancer in 2019.