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Principles of Big Data

Alvin Albuero De Luna

Arcler Education Inc
Data has assumed prime importance in the current world and it is evident in the manner in which it is an aspect that is kept in mind while making some key decisions in political as well as business domains. Big data refers to the large volumes of data that is synthesized and analyzed to reach at the decision-making conclusions. The book ‘Principles of Big Data’ takes the readers through the various aspects of big data and informs about the various important principles that it works on. Through the book the readers get a deeper insight on the big data and its application in the analytical world.
Author Bio
Alvin Albuero De Luna is an instructor at a Premier University in the Province of Laguna, Philippines - the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU). He finished his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at STI College and took his Master of Science in Information Technology at LSPU. He isnhandling Programming Languages, Cyber Security, Discrete Mathematics, CAD, and other Computer related courses under the College of Computer Studies