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General Biology

Ashok Kumar Bishoyi

Arcler Education Inc
The meaning of biology is, "The science of life", which is derived from the Greek word bios (life), and logos (knowledge). So, Biology is the field of science dealing with Living Being. That’s why Biology is also called Life Science. The book circumvents the customary human-centric style of nearly all introductory textbooks, the style which significantly misrepresents our understanding of the diversity of life. Our methodology focusses on the illustration of individual topics and their impact on different living species. For instance, the discussion of the cell-structure of different living things is present in the same chapter. The authors also highlight that it is essential to understand biological science as a whole for a thorough understanding of human biology. The book mainly avoids the use of specialized biological vocabulary where possible, instead it offers the concepts using simple English. This book is equally useful for readers from diverse backgrounds including researchers, professors, students, and biological scientists. Moreover, people having a background in other disciplines can also use this book to grasp the fundamentals of biology.
Author Bio
Dr. Ashok Kumar Bishoyi, is presently working as Assistant Professor (Microbiology) at Marwadi University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Prior to academic carrier, he has worked as scientist B at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre, department of Science and Technology, Govt. of Gujarat. During his scientific carrier, he has executed different research projects related to transcriptomics, genomics, plant tissue culture, animal tissue culture, virology, molecular marker development, etc. He has also successfully completed different external/ internal funded research projects. He graduated from Charotar University of Science and Technology, with doctorate in Biotechnology in the year 2017 and master graduate in Biotechnology from Berhampur university, Odisha. He has published number of research articles in different reputed peer reviewed international and national journals for his research credit. He has also reviewed number of research articles/books for different reputed international scientific journals/ publishers.