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Violence and Society

Anne Wade

339 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Violence And Society is a book that provides the readers with a deep look into the relation between the occurrence of violence and the effect it has on the society, as it causes various other problems and gives rise to other issues that may pop up in the various parts of the society. This book also discusses about the various states of violence, the occurrence of violence in the families, political violence, violence taking place in democracies, the role of video games in developing a violent nature and the relation of terrorism to violence.
Author Bio
Dr. Anne Wade has been a researcher and an instruction in the Criminal Justice field for 27 years. She is currently an Associate Professor at a Community College in North Carolina. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and a Ph.D. in Public Safety Leadership/Criminal Justice. Her research interests are in Criminology, Victimology, and the Human Services. She is married to Wesley Wade. She is an artist, writer, research, teacher, and trainer.