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Ethics in the Criminal Justice System

Marko Nikolic

226 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Ethics in Criminal Justice System explains the fundamentals of ethics and criminal justice system. This book provides a detailed account of several laws and policies in criminal justice, different aspects of criminal justice, influence of racial discrimination and racial prejudice in criminal justice system. The different concepts related to criminal justice system such as the abuse of the authority and the compromise on the idea of loyalty are discussed in this book. The role of police in criminal justice system and their ethics is mentioned along with the ethics of probation and parole. The different approaches towards restoring ethics have been explained in this book. The different aspects pertaining to the ethics in criminal justice system have been elucidated in this book.
Author Bio
Marko obtained his Master’s degree from University of Belgrade - Faculty of Law in 2014. He specialized in Criminal Law, Family Law and Environmental Law. He spent his Master year studying about international child abduction. He is currently employed in Ministry of Defense’s Legal Department.