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Language and Society

Rowela S. Basa

216 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Language and Society introduces the readers to the subject of language and provides the basic information related to it. It talks about the role of language in the politics of the world and associates language with the media. It also discusses the relationship between the use of language and education. Also discussed in the book are the topics of bilingualism and multilingualism and how they play a role in various aspects of life. The book also provides insights on the use of second language and the various approaches to its learning and acquisition and informs the readers about the linguistic variations and the society.
Author Bio
Rowela S. Basa is Masters of Education Major in English and a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English from the University of the Assumption, Philippines. She specializes in language and literature and is currently working as a teacher in the Public Sector, Senior High School level. She is also a research enthusiast in the field of teaching, language, and literature education. More than that, she is also a freelancer editor and an online language expert in Heysphere Limited Knowledge, and she is also a Data Analyst in the Montreal Heritage Capital.