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Practical business statistics

Maria Catherine Borres

216 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Practical business statistics explains the subject of statistics and the role it plays in the businesses and also talks about the process of data mining and big data in this field. The book discusses the various aspects related to data structure and explains the distribution of data on a histogram to the readers. The book further throws light on the concept of variability and data and the use of probability in the businesses. Also discussed in the book is the concept on uncertainty of numbers in the businesses, giving an overview of the random variables, the concept of confidence interval, the explanation of hypothesis testing and regression analysis and the role of report writing in the proper communication of the results so that the readers get a full insight on the various aspects of statistics in businesses.
Author Bio
Catherine is currently taking up Master of Arts in Education Major in Mathematics in Philippine Normal University – Manila. She is currently working as a Content Developer for Mathematics at the Affordable Private Education Center (APEC Schools).