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Re-emergence of Reference Materials in Libraries

Satish Kumar S. Hosamani

220 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Re-emergence of Reference Materials in Libraries gives the readers an introduction to the libraries and the history related to it. The book takes the readers through the subject of reference materials in libraries and the references services and the sources. The book further talks about the virtual reference libraries, the relation of information science with libraries and the management of library and reference material. Also discussed in the book are the books which are recommended by bibliographies, the computerized system of library, the use of technology in library and the future that the libraries may have. The book provides the knowledge to give insight on the reference material and their relevance, to the readers.
Author Bio
Dr. Satish Kumar S Hosamani is Director at Department of Public Libraries, Bangalore, India. He has completed his PhD from CMJ University, Meghalaya, India and D.Litt from The open International University, Colombo, Srilanka. He has served as a Chief Librarian in the department of public libraries, Government of Karnataka and also served as a Chief Librarian of both DCL and CCL, Gulbarga and also assigned with additional charge of Chief librarian of Bidar and Raichur districts. He was also Deputy Director (I/C) at City Central Library, Bangalore. He is a member of many Library Associations in India and also author of many books.