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Advances in Applied Combinatorics

Stefano Spezia

342 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Advances in Applied Combinatorics talks about the subject of binomial coefficients, permutations, the combinational proofs, the graph theory, derangements, partitions, linear recurrences, graph algorithms and permutation groups, to give a far-fetched insight on applied combinatorics. This book also discusses about the fractional sums and the differences, harmonic numbers and the cubed binomial coefficients, the recursive algorithms, linear recurrences and the fibonacci numbers. The generating functions and the sequence of numbers and polynomials.
Author Bio
Stefano Spezia is Ph.D. holder in Applied Physics at the University of Palermo since April 2012. His major research experience is in noise-induced effects in nonlinear systems, especially in the fields of modeling of complex biological systems and simulation of semiconductor spintronic devices. Associate member of the Italian Physical Society and European Physical Society.