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Environmental Geochemistry

Pratibha Singh

252 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Environmental Geochemistry introduces the readers to the concept of environmental geochemistry and throws light on the medical geochemistry of the tropical environments. It further discusses about the sustainable waste management and the various environmental impacts of the metallurgical slags and also explains the environmental geochemistry of radioactive contamination. Also discussed in the book is the toxicological geochemistry of the materials on earth, the process of geochemical fingerprinting and the ways in which the smog is formed and how it impacts the surroundings. The book also provides information on the geochemistry of petroleum in brief.
Author Bio
Dr. Pratibha Singh received Ph.D degree in Chemistry, and has research experience in Natural Dyes Extraction. She was Project associates in Department of chemical engineering IT BHU, India, working on Water Sample Testing and Effluent Treatment. She also has work experience as Scientific Officer in the field of Surface Chemistry. Some of her research work / papers were published in following journal:- • Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research 37 (3)(2012) 83-86:- Topic - “Extraction of natural dye from Dahlia variabilis using ultrasound”. • Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research 35 (9)(2010) 272-276:- Topic - “Evaluation of various techniques for extraction of natural colorants from pomegranate rind- Ultrasound and enzyme assisted extraction”.