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Geography of Tourism

Margaret Ann MacLean

264 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Geography Of Tourism explains the readers the wide range of aspects related to the tourism industry and the meaning of geography when it comes to tourism, so that the readers can understand the tourism industry in a refined way and know how the geographies affect the industry in certain ways. This book also discusses about the demand for recreation in the tourism industry, geographies of Europe and North America and the relation to tourism, geographies of central Asia and Africa and related tourism and the geographies of middle east and the relation with tourism. It also provides the readers with a basic knowledge of the way in which the different geographies affect the tourism in various parts of the world and the other factors dependent on it.
Author Bio
Ann is a Hospitality and Tourism Specialist with more than 35 years of experience in international hotel management including multi-site operations. She has worked in Australia, the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom and holds a Master of Business Administration awarded from the University of South Australia.